Portfolio Monitoring and Case Evaluation

BLB&G is the trusted securities fraud monitoring and litigation counsel for many of the most significant and respected public pension plans and institutional investors worldwide.

Brochure Cover PortfolioWatch:  Comprehensive Investor Services for Portfolio Monitoring, Case Evaluation and Claims Management

Our proprietary PortfolioWatch system is a comprehensive and highly secure suite of services designed to monitor and recover losses caused by securities fraud and corporate governance abuses.  Combined with the incisive analysis of our experienced team of attorneys, financial analysts, and investigators, PortfolioWatch ensures that you have all the information and legal analysis necessary to make informed decisions about the best options for asset recovery–all at no cost to your fund.

Portfolio Monitoring

PortfolioWatch uses your fund’s current investment holdings and trade history to:

  • Identify all active cases in which your fund has a loss;
  • Compute your fund’s losses based on all possible claim periods  and scenarios;
  • Identify your fund’s eligibility to participate in class actions cases;
  • Identify your funds eligibility to file a claim in settled cases.

Case Evaluation

BLB&G employs state-of-the-art strategies, forensic accountants and  investigators who are highly adept at penetrating the labyrinth of  corporate financial statements so we can properly advise clients as to the best legal steps to take. Our goal is to determine the cause of the  decline in value of our clients' investments and discover if a potential  case is genuinely meritorious.

Never losing sight of what is best for our clients and what is in the best interests of the class, at BLB&G, we not only advise our clients on what cases to bring, but also what cases not to bring.

Customized Reporting

Sample Customized Report As a PortfolioWatch client, each quarter you will receive a comprehensive summary of new cases (with detail on your fund's losses where appropriate) and pending settlements (with relevant deadlines, settlement amounts and CUSIPS), along with our analysis of current issues in securities litigation.  Clients participating in active litigation will also receive a detailed update on the legal process and progress of those cases.

Securities Fraud Database

PortfolioWatch also provides you with access to a comprehensive database of securities fraud research and litigation information including news, opinion, analysis, scholarly articles, new filings and court documents.

Claims Advisory Services

The law requires that fund managers, on behalf of respective funds' members and beneficiaries, monitor and collect settlement funds they are owed. PortfolioWatch offers solutions for managing the claims filing process tailored to each client’s needs:

Review. We can perform a review of your historical transactions to identify errors or missed claims. We then contact the claims administrator to petition for late or amended claims.

Claims Monitoring. PortfolioWatch regularly analyzes your fund’s investment accounts to check for eligibility in pending settlements.  This enables you or your custodian to file timely and accurate proofs of claim.  If requested, we will track claim progress and take all necessary action to ensure payment.