Portfolio Monitoring and Case Evaluation

BLB&G is the trusted securities fraud monitoring and litigation counsel for many of the most significant and respected public pension plans and institutional investors worldwide.

Our institutional clients rely upon us to evaluate and litigate their securities claims vigorously and to keep them fully informed. To that end, BLB&G conducts ongoing portfolio monitoring, cross-referencing trading against potential securities claims.

At no cost to our clients, we:

  • review the fund's portfolio losses on a regular basis, investigate potential claims and prepare detailed reports of our findings.
  • present our findings to our clients, so the fund can make informed decisions.
  • pursue formal legal action on meritorious claims.
  • provide regular reports detailing the status of the litigation.
  • consult on all strategic decisions so our clients remain in control of the litigation.
  • help develop procedures to collect on all class action claims.

BLB&G employs state-of-the-art strategies, forensic accountants and investigators to determine the cause of the decline in value of our clients' investments.

We never lose sight of what is best for our clients and what is in the best interests of the class. At BLB&G, we not only advise our clients on what cases to bring, but also what cases NOT to bring.

For more information regarding this service, please contact Gerald Silk at 800-380-8496.

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