Max Berger Presented With the Distinguished Alumnus Award by Baruch College

May 3, 2006

At the 17th Annual Bernard Baruch Dinner, Senior Founding Partner Max Berger was presented with the Distinguished Alumnus Award by his alma mater, Baruch College.

Mr. Berger graduated from Baruch in 1968 with a B.B.A in Accounting. Both a member of the national honor accounting society and president of the student body, as a student, Mr. Berger was devoted to the school and his commitment has continued since graduation. He is a member of the Board of Trustees at Baruch and serves the academic community of New York City in numerous other capacities.

Mr. Berger has dedicated his career to helping victims of corporate wrongdoing, discrimination and consumer fraud and has worked on some of the largest and most significant litigations in history. He credits his “outstanding education at Baruch with giving [him] the tools and values to achieve [his] success, [stating that] Baruch is truly the brightest star in the City University System.”

Additionally, to honor his commitment to the school, in February 2006, Baruch dedicated a university classroom in his name.