Dwight Duncan

Senior Advisor for Canadian Investor Relations


Photo of Dwight Duncan

Dwight Duncan serves as BLB&G’s Senior Advisor for Canadian Investor Relations. In addition to working with BLB&G, Dwight is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Global Risk Institute, a Senior Fellow at the C.D. Howe Institute, a Governor of the MS Society of Canada and an Executive-in-Residence at the Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor.

Prior to joining the firm, Dwight served as a trusted Strategic Business Advisor with McMillan LLP and McMillan Vantage where he provided business and public policy advice to a variety of clients across Canada.

He is a past member of the Boards of The Churchill Society for the Advancement of Parliamentary Democracy, and the MS Society’s Scientific Research Foundation. He also served as Board Chair of the Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority; a Crown Corporation tasked with overseeing the construction of the new Gordie Howe International Bridge. Finally, he has served on a number of corporate boards including Travelers Canada where he served as Chair of the Audit Committee.

Dwight also had a distinguished 24-year career in the Ontario Legislature. During his time as a Member of Provincial Parliament, he served in a variety of capacities both in government and opposition. These included Deputy Premier, Minister of Finance, Chair of Management Board of Cabinet and Minister of Energy. He delivered six budgets, authoring major reforms to Ontario’s energy, tax, pension and insurance statutes. He led Ontario’s response to the recession of 2008 and initiated the plan to close coal fired power generation in the province.

Dwight ushered in major reforms to the Ontario Pension Benefits Act in 2010. This was the first major reform to the Act in 22 years and had broad based support among workers, employers and the funds themselves. Dwight also brought in regulatory changes applicable to the 8,350 employment pension plans that were registered at that time. These changes strengthened Ontario based pensions in the aftermath of the recession of 2008/09.

He also created and oversaw the work of a Pension Investment Advisor to explore pooled asset management. That work led to the creation of the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (IMCO) and the University Pension Plan (UPP). Finally, Dwight led a national campaign to strengthen the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) which eventually fostered a modest, funded increase in benefits for all Canadians.

Dwight has a degree in economics from McGill University, and a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA from the University of Windsor. Dwight is the recipient of a number of awards and recognitions including an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Windsor, and Queen Elizabeth II’s Gold and Diamond Jubilee Medals.