Law360 Highlights BLB&G’s Top Ranking in Review of ISS/SCAS All-Time Top Settlements Report

June 14, 2017


In its recent review of the data released by ISS/Securities Class Action Services ("SCAS") in its "Top 100 U.S. Settlements of All Time" report (a periodic compilation of the 100 largest securities recoveries in history),  Law360 features BLB&G prominently.  The firm with the most wins on the list and the most money recovered for defrauded investors, in its article, “All-Time Top Securities Settlements Boosted by Record 2016,” Law360 writes that BLB&G outperformed its competitors by “serving as lead or co-lead counsel in 35 of the top 100 cases, including both the WorldCom and Cendant litigation, and achieving a total of $25 billion in settlement funds in those cases.”

According to SCAS' data, BLB&G has:

  • Obtained 6 of the top 12, 10 of the top 20, and 35 of the top 100 recoveries in history;
  • Recovered 40% of all settlement dollars represented in the report - over $25 billion ($10 billion more than the next firm); and
  • Secured a dozen settlements over $500 million and six over $1 billion - more multi-billion dollar recoveries than any other firm.

Commenting for Law360 on the results presented in the SCAS report, BLB&G partner Salvatore Graziano credited the firm's case selectivity as the key to its impressive results, noting that BLB&G "led more than half of the top 20 cases."  According to Mr. Graziano: "This demonstrates the firm's commitment to obtaining excellent results in the cases it does get involved in...It shows that we're driven by our institutional clients not to settle for anything but the best results we can get.  Sometimes it's hard to compare results in two different cases and two different situations because every case is different, but when you step back and you look at the bigger picture and you see these kind of results, I think that speaks for itself."