BLB&G Tops SCAS List with More Top Recoveries than Any Other Firm in the Country

January 30, 2013

According to ISS’s Securities Class Action Services (“SCAS”), BLB&G eclipses all competitors on its “Top 100 Settlements Semi-Annual Report.”

Having recovered well over a third of all the money represented in the report (over $19 billion – billions more than the nearest competitor), and having prosecuted nearly a third of all the recoveries on the list (31 – far more than any other firm), BLB&G remains the clear leader of the field.

The Top 100 Settlements Semi-Annual Report identifies the largest securities class action settlements filed after the passage of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 that have obtained final approval, and provides detailed information on the law firms prosecuting those cases. 

SCAS also publishes the "SCAS 50," an annual report of the top firms prosecuting securities litigation in the United States. SCAS has tracked and compiled these data and rankings for a decade and BLB&G has been at or near the top of these rankings every year since its inception in 2003 – often with the highest total recoveries, the highest settlement average, or both.