Jeroen van Kwawegen Profiled by Dutch Newspaper DePers NL

August 19, 2009

Firm senior counsel Jeroen van Kwawegen was the subject of a recent profile in the Dutch newspaper De Pers. As one of the few trial lawyers in the United States who also practiced law in the Netherlands, Mr. van Kwawegen discussed his legal training and experience as an advocate in the US, striving for the best possible results for all his clients, leading to his current role in protecting the interests of national and international institutional investors at BLB&G.

“It’s a challenge to be the underdog,” he says. “In some ways it’s like David and Goliath. Together, three good lawyers can outsmart and win against numerous opponents.” From the Netherlands to New York, Mr. van Kwawegen has in the past represented clients in a broad range of cases, from a farmer accused of selling bad sesame seed to representing a Louisiana Death Row inmate. “I am simply determined to assist my clients regardless of the circumstances.”