BLB&G Partner Jeroen van Kwawegen to Serve as Panelist at Columbia Law School Conference on M&A and Corporate Governance

December 1, 2023

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On December 8, 2023, BLB&G Partner Jeroen van Kwawegen will feature as a panelist at Columbia Law School’s Conference on M&A and Corporate Governance. Along with other experts in academia, the judiciary, and the legal and finance industries, Jeroen will explore the topic of “Is There MFW Creep? (And, if so, in Which Direction?).” The panelists will center their discussion around In re Match Group, a case with oral arguments soon to be heard by the Delaware Supreme Court. The case’s significance lies in whether the dual-level “MFW” cleansing devices for business judgment rule protection of conflicted transactions is required only for controller squeeze-outs, or whether MFW applies to all conflicted-controller decisions. Panelists will comment on the origins of the MFW rule, debate the possible evolution of “MFW Creep” and whether it has been in a pro-plaintiff or pro-defendant direction, and speculate on likely outcomes of the case.

In addition to his litigation responsibilities at BLB&G, Jeroen frequently speaks at bar association and industry events on shareholder litigation and corporate governance related topics. Most recently, Jeroen taught Professor Eric Talley’s “Advanced Corporate Law: Mergers and Acquisitions” class at Columbia Law School.