MSNBC and PBS Interview Sean Coffey Regarding Martha Stewart Trial

March 2, 2004

Throughout the extensive coverage of Martha Stewart's trial on obstruction of justice charges, former firm partner John P. ("Sean") Coffey was a featured commentator on several NBC, MSNBC and public television broadcasts regarding the high profile case.

Excerpts from interviews with Mr. Coffey, a former federal prosecutor, appeared on the Today show (March 2, 2004; February 25, 2004; January 27 & 30, 2004), public television's Nightly Business Report (March 1, 2004, January 27, 2004), the NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw (February 4, 2004; January 29, 2004), and on the MSNBC News with Brian Williams (January 29, 2004).

Mr. Coffey previously appeared on these broadcasts to provide his analysis of the periodic developments in the case against Ms. Stewart.  Prior air dates include June 3 & 4, 2003, October 21, 2002, September 10, 2002. and August 6, 2002.