Legal 500 Profiles Max Berger as a Member of Its Inaugural “Hall of Fame”

June 2017

As part of its inaugural “Hall of Fame” series, Legal 500 has profiled partner Max Berger as a leading US lawyer who has “received constant praise by clients for continued success.”  Mr. Berger is one of fewer than 500 partners across the United States selected for this remarkable honor.

In his Legal 500’s profile, Mr. Berger discusses his greatest professional and personal achievements, his distinct contribution to the industry, what he would have done differently given the benefit of hindsight, and how he believes he has helped clients add value to their business.  He cites pressing challenges on the horizon with “a significant movement to gut investor and consumer protections that took so many years to develop” by the new Administration and Congress.

Mr. Berger identifies his greatest professional achievement to be the co-founding of BLB&G in 1983 and having it grow from four partners to nearly 150 lawyers, all the while never wavering “from the commitment to the core values that formed the bedrock of our firm.” Crediting his family as his greatest source of personal pride, Mr. Berger acknowledges that “on a more individual and deeply personal note, I am incredibly gratified by the recognition that I have received over the years as a photographer.”

Mr. Berger believes that the firm’s adherence to the principle of “quality over quantity” continues to be the key to its success, allowing the firm to “truly focus on achieving the best results for our clients and the classes we represent.”  He advises clients, family, and friends in business to take a long-term view of business development and to apply best practices that build a reputation that “is an asset and not a liability.” 

When asked what advice he would give to his younger self, Mr. Berger responded that his advice would be to “take better care of my body so I wouldn’t have to be walking around with six total joint replacements and assorted other maladies. In addition, I would recommend an earlier start in achieving better balance between personal and professional commitments.”