The Advocate for Institutional Investors

In an effort to assist institutional investors in the discharge of their fiduciary duties, the firm publishes The Advocate for Institutional Investors, which contains reporting and analysis of the latest securities and corporate law issues.

The Advocate often features articles by the management and general counsel of some of the largest public pension funds in the country, as well as some of the nation’s premier securities litigators. Our “Eye on the Issues” section outlines legislative and regulatory updates of interest and reporting on recent events, court decisions and legislation directly affecting institutional investors. If you would like to receive the Advocate by regular mail or email, please contact us at or at 800-380-8496.

Latest Issue (pdf | 3.78 MB)


  • Toward a Brighter Future: Fox News shareholders achieve landmark workplace reforms 
  • Enforcement, or Appeasement? Regulatory agencies curtail their oversight role in the first year of the Trump administration
  • Supreme Court Roundup: Three cases before the High Court and their implications for investors 
  • Class Actions Promote Honesty and Integrity in Corporate America: Recent studies show that private securities litigation deters fraud
  • Report from the Delaware Courts: The Shifting Meaning of “Fair Value” - Recent rulings and reversals may prevent investors from getting a fair deal in acquisitions 
  • Highlights of Jesse Eisinger Webcast - The Rise of Corporate Impunity

Fall 2018 (pdf | 6.53 MB)


  • The SEC Under Attack: Two years of deregulation is leaving a mark
  • It's All About Relationships: Increasing interconnections between accounting firms and clients lead to errors and conflicts of interest
  • From Kennedy to Kavanaugh: Where will the new Supreme Court Justice stand on issues affecting institutional investors?
  • Keeping Investors Out of Court: Mandatory arbitration clauses threaten investor rights
  • Seeking Justice Outside the United States: Recent Fortis decision in Dutch Court is a victory for US shareholders