Lawdragon Profiles Hannah Ross in “Lawyer Limelight” Q&A

December 15, 2017


In a candid Q&A interview for Lawdragon Magazine’s “Lawyer Limelight” special feature, BLB&G partner Hannah Ross gives a personal, inspiring account of her journey as a leading female securities litigator in an otherwise male-dominated industry.  She explains her reasons behind pursuing a career in private securities litigation following a stint as a public prosecutor, and provides insight as to how she achieved professional success at BLB&G.

Ms. Ross affirms that her desire to fight injustice was instilled in her by her parents as a child, and that her internships and volunteer experiences, including time working at a domestic violence and rape crisis center, helped crystallize her decision to pursue law.  “I wanted to stand up for victims,” she recalls.  According to Ms. Ross, “I knew from day one at Penn State that I would use my law degree to help people who were victimized and who needed their voices to be heard.”

Ms. Ross also discusses her transition from being a public criminal prosecutor to a private securities litigator, claiming that this move proved to be a natural progression of her career given the experiences she gained working on complex financial fraud cases as an Assistant District Attorney for the State of Massachusetts.  “The skills I developed in building a case when I was a prosecutor are the foundation of how I shape, investigate and prove my cases a private securities litigator today.”

In her interview, Ms. Ross also credits her mentors at BLB&G for supporting her development as a successful litigator at the firm, adding that during the last fifteen years of working with them directly, “they have helped me become an experienced and open-minded practitioner capable of and eager to continue the mentoring tradition.” 

On the subject of women in the law, Ms. Ross recognizes that it remains a challenge “for law firms in general to court and retain women,” and is vigilant about providing support and mentorship to female attorneys at the firm through various means, including holding “lunches, dinners, and meetings to share experiences and lessons we have learned that are unique to female plaintiffs-side litigators.”

“My advice to young women,” Ms. Ross asserts, “is to always be yourself and do things in your own voice.  I have been successful by practicing law in a manner that is reflective of who I am as a person – I don’t pretend to be someone I am not…Young lawyers should learn from their more senior, experienced colleagues, but they should also believe in their own talents and cultivate their own voice.  This is especially important for young female lawyers in this highly competitive and still male-dominated field.”