BLB&G Publishes “Plaintiffs’ Perspective” in LexisNexis’ Litigating Securities Class Actions

January 2011

In the 2011 edition of the Litigating Securities Class Actions, a book published annually by LexisNexis, BLB&G attorneys authored and contributed the content of its first chapter entitled, "Plaintiffs' Perspective." The chapter was collaboratively written by firm partners Max Berger, Sal Graziano, Avi Josefson, and former partner Steve Singer; senior counsel Jai Chandrasekhar; former associate Noam Mandel; and former of counsel Bruce Bernstein.

Litigating Securities Class Actions gathers the perspectives of leading practitioners on the most important stages of securities class actions, and then focuses on several of the most critical issues that frequently arise.  The book's General Editor, Jonathan N. Eisenberg, approached Mr. Berger about BLB&G writing the first chapter sharing the plaintiffs' perspectives after having "spent considerable amount of time negotiating on opposite sides of the table, during which time I had developed an enormous amount of respect for him."    

Accordingly, BLB&G's Chapter 1 provides a comprehensive review of how plaintiffs attorneys assess the legal landscape before filing an action, how potential claims and defendants are evaluated, what methodologies are used to investigate and analyze cases, and other procedural and legal considerations related to the practice of securities litigation.