CNBC's Power Lunch Features Jerry Silk Discussing the Demise of Bear Stearns

March 17, 2008

As a guest speaker on CNBC's Power Lunch, Partner Jerry Silk discusses the legal implications surrounding the events leading up to the demise of Bear Stearns and what this means for institutional investors harmed by the investment firm’s sudden loss in value.

According to Mr. Silk, evidence suggests that senior executives at Bear Stearns knowingly misrepresented the firm's strength while fully aware of liquidity problem caused primarily by its heavy reliance on asset-backed securities and other high risk investments. This, Mr. Silk explains, raises various legal issues for harmed investors “who are understandably upset” by their massive financial losses and who are considering legal recourse against the now-defunct firm.

Mr. Silk's practice focuses on representing public pension funds and other institutional investors on matters involving federal and state securities laws, accountants' liability and the fiduciary duties of corporate officials. He is one of the partners at the firm responsible for advising institutional shareholder clients on legal matters arising out of the subprime mortgage crises and the recent options backdating scandal. Mr. Silk also oversees the firm's new matter department, in which he, along with a group of financial analysts and investigators, counsels clients on potential legal claims.