BLB&G Partner Katie Sinderson Serves as Panelist at PLI Program, "Expert Witness 2022"

June 8, 2022

BLB&G Partner Katie Sinderson serves as a panelist at the PLI program, Expert Witness 2022, which features experienced practitioners who focus on demystifying the challenges of selecting, preparing, and using experts. The program, which is available on PLI’s website on-demand, covers topics of selecting the right expert for a case, preparing for and conducting a Daubert hearing, defending against a Daubert challenge, deposing the opposing expert, preparing an expert to testify at a deposition and at trial, and mastering direct and cross-examination of experts at trial.

Katie's panel, "The Expert Report, Depositions and Managing the Expert Relationship," discusses:

  • The case for using experts
  • Who qualifies as an expert: Rule 702, Daubert and Frye
  • Testifying versus non-testifying experts
  • Disclosure requirements under Rule 26
  • Identifying experts and researching prior experience