BLB&G’s Avi Josefson Named National Securities Litigation “Rising Star” by Law360

April 13, 2015

As part of its series honoring “attorneys under 40 whose legal accomplishments belie their age,” Law360 profiled BLB&G partner Avi Josefson as a “Rising Star” for his role in guiding “plaintiffs in some of the biggest legal fallout from the financial crises,” and in helping decide “what cases the firm will take on.”

Joining BLB&G just one year after law school, Mr. Josefson gained invaluable experience by working on “hard-hitting litigation from the ground up” early in his career, often working “across the table from people who are more senior, certainly older.”  According to Mr. Josefson, BLB&G, which he describes as a “remarkably supportive environment,” is always “looking for people who are capable of advancing cases irrespective of class year.”

As a senior member of the teams litigating a number of the firm’s high profile actions, the feature highlights his success in helping achieve a $143 million settlement in Converium, and a $92.4 million settlement in an action against OM Group Inc. and Ernst & Young as examples of some of his achievements.  In addition to prosecuting cases, Mr. Josefson is also part of the group at BLB&G that decides which litigations the firm will pursue – a position that has allowed him to distinguish himself by “taking ownership of outcomes.”  As Mr. Josefson explains, “The most important thing really is to look for opportunities to demonstrate your capacity to take ownership of your cases, to demonstrate your ability to run your cases independently.  And you do that when you stop merely executing on tasks that are given to you, however well you execute, and you begin instead to take initiative.”