BLB&G Partner Avi Josefson Finds Invigorating Work in Client Case Development and Advice, as Featured in Lawdragon Profile

December 5, 2022

BLB&G Partner Avi Josefson provides an insider’s look into the fast-paced world of client case development in Lawdragon’s latest installment of its Lawyer Limelights series. Starting with the front-page cases that helped shape his career, Avi shares his transition from litigating securities claims to his leadership role in the firm’s case development and client advisory group. It’s a tall order to fill, as the group monitors the firm’s over 300 institutional investors, proactively scrutinizing investment portfolios, and analyzing market movements and new developments to assess potential claims. Working with in-house investigators and financial analysts, as well as outside experts, elected officials, and the clients themselves, Avi shares how he and his team consider current litigation trends and keep cool under pressure alongside an increasingly volatile marketplace.

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