Fen-Phen "Diet Drug" Litigation

Court: Class action lawsuits filed in 10 jurisdictions including New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Florida, Kentucky, Indiana, Arizona, Oregon and Arkansas

The firm played a prominent role in the nationwide "diet drug" or "fen-phen" litigation against American Home Products for the Company's sale and marketing of Redux and Pondimin.  The suits allege that a number of pharmaceutical companies produced these drugs which, when used in combination, can lead to life-threatening pulmonary hypertension and heart valve thickening.  The complaint alleges that these manufacturers knew of or should have known of the serious health risks created by the drugs, should have warned users of these risks, knew that the fen/phen combination was not approved by the FDA, had not been adequately studied, and yet was being routinely prescribed by physicians.

This litigation led to one of the largest class action settlements in history, the multi-billion dollar Nationwide Class Action Settlement with American Home Products approved by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.  In this litigation, BLB&G was involved in lawsuits filed in the 10 jurisdictions and was designated Class Counsel in the Consolidated New York and New Jersey state court litigations.  Additionally, the firm was Co-Liaison Counsel in the New York litigations and served as the State Court Certified Class Counsel for the New York Certified Class to the Nationwide Settlement.

Details of the settlement can be accessed online at www.settlementdietdrugs.com.  Additionally, anyone who is a user who has not yet registered can do so or has additional questions can call (800) 386-2070 or writing to Claims Administrators, Diet Drug Settlement, P.O. Box 7939, Philadelphia, PA 19101.