PMI News Publishes Article on European Litigants in U.S. Courts by Beata Gocyk-Farber

August 2008

With European involvement in US securities class actions on the rise, Beata Gocyk-Farber, Senior Counsel to the firm, outlines the advantages and obstacles for European investors pursuing securities fraud claims through the American legal system in her recent article entitled, "American Securities Class Actions-the Future of European Litigants in US Courts.”

Featured in the August 2008 issue of PMI News, published by The Pensions Management Institute (UK), the article addresses various reasons why the US is an attractive forum for foreign plaintiffs, including favorable civil procedures, a well developed legal framework for case resolution, and the widely-accepted contingent legal fee structure.  Ms. Gocyk-Farber also explains various potential procedural obstacles to foreign litigants, such as subject matter jurisdiction, as well as discussing the current jurisdictional trends.