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Employment Discrimination and Civil Rights

The Employment Discrimination and Civil Rights Practice Group files class actions, multiplaintiff, and other high impact litigation on behalf of individual employees against employers and other societal institutions that violate federal or state employment, anti-discrimination and civil rights laws.

The firm has prosecuted a wide variety of high-profile race, sex, age and consumer discrimination lawsuits, including the celebrated Roberts, et al. v. Texaco, often described as the most significant race discrimination lawsuit ever.

We are committed to effecting positive social change in the workplace. The firm has allocated the necessary financial and human resources to insure that the class action and multiplaintiff approach to discrimination and civil rights issues is successful. We believe this litigation method serves to empower employees who are usually discouraged from pursuing such actions because of personal financial limitations or fear of retaliation. Further, class actions offer the potential for effecting the greatest positive change for the greatest number of people affected by the discriminatory practice in the work place.