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The antitrust practice group utilizes both class action litigation methods and individual representation in federal and state courts to prosecute traditional price-fixing and restraint of trade cases.

Antitrust laws exist in order to protect our free-market system.  These laws were enacted to protect our competitive market from monopoly, price-fixing and unfair trade practices, such as bid rigging and price discrimination that reduce competition and endanger our free-enterprise system.  Antitrust laws protect consumers and businesses from anticompetitive practices that unfairly inflate prices.  Consumers and businesses are often injured by price collusion, abuse of market power and deceptive or fraudulent business practices.  Antitrust laws also prohibit mergers and acquisitions that can potentially inhibit competition and create a monopoly.  Antitrust class action cases are usually brought by individuals and businesses that have been injured by anti-competitive conduct of suppliers, purchasers and competitors.  Our firm has developed the expertise and knowledge to represent consumers and businesses in a wide range of antitrust litigation against businesses that have engaged in antitrust violations.