BLB&G CMO Lisa Olney Quoted in "Our Biggest Challenges for Legal Marketing in 2022" Article for Legal Marketing Association's Midwest Region

March 3, 2022

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Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Olney was recently interviewed along with five other law firm CMOs discussing the key challenges for law firm marketing departments in 2022. Lisa spoke about the importance of investing in the success of up-and-coming marketing leaders by ensuring they are equipped with not only the substantive knowledge about their firms and marketing and business development best-practices, but the people management skills they need to provide the best service to their firms. 

She says, "Promoting someone who has excellent technical skills but no experience managing others and expecting them to 'figure it out' may work occasionally, but it’s rare. And the consequences can be devastating, because ineffective managers can slow down or demoralize a whole team."

"Leaders have a responsibility to not only model good people management themselves, but to make training around this crucial area part of the skills building for their department. Junior marketers can be trained on how to effectively communicate, and later how to handle difficult conversations with colleagues and internal clients. Training on how to be a contributing member of a team project can transition into how to lead one, and then how to formally manage those involved. We should ensure the building blocks to become a manager are in place and demonstrate through our actions and by who we choose to promote the value we place in these skills."

She adds, “Not all training needs to be formal. Most leaders have taken the time to show a new employee or more junior member of the team how to effectively complete a task. We should be doing the same when it comes to communication and management skills. Have that coaching conversation with your new managers so they feel more confident in their skills. Give positive reinforcement to ensure they know when they get it right, and corrective feedback when they could have handled a situation better. Managers set the tone for their teams, and they should understand the impact that can have and why it can be so detrimental to the team, and ultimately the firm, when people don’t feel heard or supported.”