BLB&G Partner Sal Graziano Quoted in Law360 article, "As Investor Suits Tick Up, Loss Causation May Be A Hard Sell"

May 4, 2020


In an article published on May 4, 2020, Law360 explored the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic on securities cases, exploring whether market volatility may make it harder to prove fraud.

BLB&G Partner Sal Graziano was quoted extensively in the article, saying that while there may be more volatility during a global crisis, he does not see that being an issue for shareholders who experience losses due to corporate fraud.

"We saw this in the 2008 crisis on a company-by-company basis where we had no issue demonstrating loss causation," Graziano told Law360. "Bottom line, if you are committing fraud, you should be more worried now than ever. There will be no place to hide in market volatility."

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