The American Lawyer Features Coverage of Prominent Patent Litigator Josh Raskin Joining BLB&G

November 15, 2009

BLB&G is pleased to announce that Joshua L. Raskin, a registered patent attorney with extensive experience prosecuting complex federal patent and trademark matters, has joined its Intellectual Property (“IP”) Litigation practice group. Mr. Raskin has led large, groundbreaking cases in intellectual property arenas, at both the trial and appellate stages. In a feature November 16, 2009 article discussing high profile patent lawyers moving to plaintiff firms, The American Lawyer focused on Mr. Raskin’s affiliation with BLB&G. Mr. Raskin, a former partner at WolfBlock and Cozen & O’Connor, stated that he found maintaining a viable patent litigation practice increasingly difficult given the constant pressure of the billable hour. He felt that the contingency business model at BLB&G would be a better fit.

“I liked [my previous firms] a lot but I felt it was getting much more difficult to represent my clients in patent infringement cases,” Mr. Raskin says. “It was just getting way too expensive and I never felt the billable hour was the right business model for patent litigation. The client always felt we were overbilling and we felt constrained with the amount of work that we wanted to do to effectively represent the client."

As the article states, Bernstein Litowitz provided Mr. Raskin with the flexibility that he was looking for, [getting] more results to further his cases, rather than remain[ing] focused on billing the necessary hours.” According to Mr. Raskin, "[this firm] represents clients as though they are getting paid by the hour in terms of staffing, time spent, and decisions made," he says. "And I think we'll get the best results that way."

Patent cases exemplify the type of complex, high-stakes litigation in which BLB&G specializes. The IP Litigation practice group, chaired by firm Partner Chad Johnson, is currently prosecuting a number of patent cases on behalf of inventors in a variety of industries including electronics, liquid crystal display (“LCD”) panels, and computer technology.

Unique to the field, BLB&G prosecutes patent cases on a contingency basis, allowing the firm to provide the highest level of representation for our clients.

November 16, 2009 – “Another Am Law IP Partner Leaves for Plaintiff Pastures,” The American Lawyer