Global Pensions Magazine Interviews Tony Gelderman Regarding the Impact of Class Actions on European Investors

July 2007

In a recent interview with Global Pensions, BLB&G's Tony Gelderman discussed the impact of securities class actions on UK and European investors and advised them on how they can overcome the unique challenges faced by pension funds based outside of the U.S.

In his discussion with Global Pensions, a UK based international pension publication, Mr. Gelderman reviewed how the recent wave of mega-frauds adversely impacting shareholder portfolios have encouraged investors abroad to participate in U.S. securities litigation.  He emphasized the influence that UK and European investors have in increasing recoveries and lowering fees when serving as lead plaintiff in these actions and foresees U.S. securities litigation becoming "commonplace" throughout the European Union.

Mr. Gelderman serves as Counsel to the firm and lectures extensively to UK and European investors, advising them on how best to protect their investments and maximize their holdings through class action litigation, when necessary.  He is responsible for the firm's institutional investor and client outreach and has authored numerous articles on securities litigation and asset protection.