Mark Lebovitch Discusses Future of Fiduciary Responsibility

June 9, 2011

BLB&G partner Mark Lebovitch participated in the American Conference Institute's "National Summit on the Future of Fiduciary Responsibility," which was held on Wednesday, June 9, 2011 in New York City.

Mr. Lebovitch joined the panel entitled, "Fiduciary Responsibilities: The New Role of Institutional Investors as Private Regulators and Agents of Change," where he examined how new regulations, court cases and the emerging political and economic markets will impact shareholder rights, responsibilities and the ability to recover losses.

Mr. Lebovitch is primarily responsible for the firm's corporate governance litigation practice, focusing on derivative suits and transactional litigation.  He has served as lead counsel in many of the most significant corporate governance actions of the past five years, and is currently serving as a co-lead counsel prosecuting challenges to a management buyout of J. Crew, a private equity buyout of Novell, and derivative suits alleging bad faith conduct by the boards of Johnson & Johnson, BP, plc, and Massey Corporation.


New York, New York