Real Time Speaker Series: Corporate Heroism - The Whistleblower

November 17, 2016

A Conversation With Dr. Eric Ben-Artzi And Dana Gold, Esq. Of The Government Accountability Project

On November 17, 2016,  BLB&G attorneys Ben Galdston and Lucas Gilmore hosted Dr. Eric Ben-Artzi, a hero of corporate reform, and Dana Gold, Esq., a champion of corporate accountability, and discussed Dr. Ben-Artzi’s whistleblower campaign to expose improper accounting practices at the German banking giant, Deutsche Bank, as well as the Government Accountability Project’s ground-breaking advocacy efforts on behalf of whistleblowers and to advance corporate and regulatory reform.


About the Speakers:


Dr. Eric Ben-Artzi was Vice President, Legal, Risk & Capital Division at Deutsche Bank until November 2011 when he was abruptly terminated after challenging fraudulent accounting practices designed to overstate the bank's financial position. Dr. Ben-Artzi was instrumental in exposing those practices, leading to an SEC investigation that resulted in Deutsche Bank paying a $55 million fine. However, Dr. Ben-Artzi declined a multi-million dollar whistleblower award, objecting that the SEC failed to hold any Deutsche Bank executive accountable and instead permitted the bank to pass the brunt of the penalty on to shareholders. As a result of his heroic efforts, Dr. Ben-Artzi was blackballed from Wall Street and ostracized by colleagues. Still working in the financial industry developing bond analytics with an Israeli firm, Dr. Ben-Artzi continues to speak out against the institutionalized structures that work against investors, such as the revolving door between the SEC and corporations and their law firms, the cozy relationships between issuers and rating agencies, and an ingrained culture that punishes - instead of praising - heroes who speak up against corruption. 


Dana Gold, Esq. is a Senior Fellow at the Government Accountability Project, the nation's leading whistleblower protection and advocacy organization. A non-partisan public-interest group, GAP litigates whistleblower cases, helps expose wrongdoing to the public, and actively promotes government and corporate accountability. Since 1977, GAP has helped over 6,000 whistleblowers, including Dr. Ben-Artzi, as well as Richard Bowen, the former Citigroup Vice President who helped expose mortgage fraud at Countrywide, and David Graham, the FDA whistleblower who testified to the U.S. Senate that Merck's blockbuster arthritis drug Vioxx had caused more than 45,000 deaths, prompting removal of the drug from the market, an inquiry into the FDA approval process and a flood of consumer and investor lawsuits and settlements.  More information about GAP can be found at