BLB&G Real Time Speaker Series: Supreme Court Vacancy, Its Impact Now and for the Future

May 10, 2016

A Conversation with the Nation’s Leading Supreme Court Expert, Erwin Chemerinsky

On May 10, 2016,  BLB&G attorneys Blair Nicholas and Dave Kaplan hosted Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, one of the nation's foremost Supreme Court experts and commentators, for an engaging discussion of the Supreme Court landscape.  

The political stalemate over who will fill the present Supreme Court vacancy, and uncertainty over when a nominee will be confirmed, is having a big impact on a slate of controversial cases - including affirmative action, abortion, health care, union dues, redistricting, and class action litigation.  The impact will likely last through the Court's next term, affecting other important issues such as insider trading and SEC enforcement.  Justice Scalia was an assertive conservative voice on the Court for almost thirty years.  His passing means the Court will now be left evenly split 4-4 along ideological lines, on a host of critical issues, until the seat is filled.

According to Dean Chemerinsky, the decision over who will fill the Supreme Court vacancy promises to be at the center of the next presidential election and could make "all the difference with regard to virtually every constitutional issue."

Erwin Chemerinsky is the Founding Dean and Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of California, Irvine Law School, and a respected litigator with decades of experience who has argued seminal cases at the Supreme Court.  He has been described by the ABA as "one of the nation's top experts in constitutional law, federal practice, civil rights and civil liberties, and appellate litigation," and was recently named by National Jurist as the most influential person in legal education.  Chemerinsky serves as a regular columnist and op-ed author on Supreme Court developments and other legal issues for the national and local media, and has authored eight books and more than 200 law review articles.  

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